Long-Term Care

A long term care benefit is granted to those who reached retirement age, who live at home and are in need of assistance from another person in performing daily activities (moving, bathing, dressing, eating and personal hygiene), as well as to people in need of overseeing and close supervision from others due to their medical and functioning situation which put them at risk of injury for themselves or others.

The benefit is intended to help the elderly in receiving the help they need based on the level of their difficulties or disabilities, and their dependence on the help of others.

The benefit is paid based on 6 levels of entitlement, and one can choose to receive both a benefit in cash and long-term care services.

What should I do to receive a long-term care benefit?

  • Conditions of eligibility and additional information can be found here
  • You must fill out a claim for long-term care benefit along with medical documents and pay slips.
  • You can follow the process of the claim on your Personal Service account .
  • If completing details is needed – we will call you/your contact person.
  • If the benefit is approved to you, you will be assigned an eligibility level (from 1 to 6) according to your dependency.
  • A social worker of the National Insurance will call you and set up a care program customized for you. To learn more, click here
  • The letter can also be found on your Personal Service account .
    Please note that the service basket can be modified by online inquiry via the website
  • In case of change or worsening of your medical condition, you can file a re-examination request, along with latest medical documents.