Long-Term Care

A long term care benefit is granted to those who reached retirement age, who live in their own home and are in need of assistance from another person in performing daily activities, as well as to people requiring a supervision at home for the sake of their own safety and the safety of those surrounding them. The benefit is designed to help the elderly and family members to take care of him or her.

The benefit is paid based on 6 levels of entitlement, and on can choose to receive both a benefit in cash and long-term care services. For detailed information about levels of entitlement and selection options, click here.
You can use the calculator "selection of a basket of long-term care services" to help you build a personal care program.

We are happy to announce that, from the month of March 2022, a new service is added to the long-term care services basket - Kehila Tomechet membership. To learn more about the service - click here.
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