Employing a foreign worker as a caregiver

Informations importantes !

  • The Population and Immigration Authority has competence to deliver foreign worker employment permit. More information are available on the internet site of the Population and Immigration Authority - to visit that site, click here.
  • Information regarding the rights of foreign workers at work can be found on the website of the Ministry of Economy and Industry/Labor Arm - to visit the website, click here.

You have two options to employ a foreign caregiver:

  1. Directly - should you choose this option, you would receive a money benefit which would be transferred to your private bank account directly, to enable the direct compensation of the caregiver.
  2. Through the nursing company that provides you services.

Receiving a long-term care benefit in cash

If you are employing a foreign worker as a caregiver, you can receive a long-term care benefit in cash instead of services.

To obtain the cash benefit, you have to submit to the National Insurance Institute an inquiry for "employer of a caregiver (foreign worker) requesting most of the benefit in money". Supportive documents are not required in attachment to this claim, since the information is directly updated by the Immigration Authority.

Benefit rate

In the this table are detailed maximum benefit rates you may get according to your level of entitlement.

​Level of entitlement
​Maximum benefit rate as of Jan 01, 2024
NIS 1,475
NIS 2,146
NIS 3,004
NIS 3,862
NIS 4,720
NIS 5,578

Declaration and payment of insurance contributions

The employer of a foreign worker for nursing care purpose (even when not receiving any National Insurance benefit) - has to declare and pay insurance contributions on the whole salary paid to foreign worker, as well as, since August 2022, to report the worker's personal details regardless of the level of his salary. To learn more, click here.

Please note, if one wishes the foreign worker to give care to 2 long-term care recipients living in the same house, an authorization must be requested as follows:
  • If you directly employ the foreign worker - you must contact the long-term care Department of your handling branch, through the website or the *2637 call center.
  • If the foreign worker is hired through a nursing company - that company must be contacted.