Conditions of eligibility

To be eligible for a pregnancy bed rest benefit, you must meet all following conditions of entitlement:

First condition - Residency

You are an Israeli resident.

Second condition - Qualifying period

You are a salaried employee or self-employed, and have paid insurance contributions for at least the last six of the 14 months that preceded the date on which you stopped working due to the need for bed rest. If you didn't work for six months, there are other months that can be included into the qualifying period despite they are not working months - For more information, click here.

Third condition - Risk to the mother or the fetus

You may be entitled to the benefit if one of the following grounds occurred for at least 30 days:

  • You were forced to be absent from work during pregnancy due to a medical risk to you or your fetus, deriving from pregnancy.
  • You are not able to work due the type or place of work or the way work is performed, endanger yourself or the fetus, and no proper alternative work was found for you at your workplace.

Pregnancy bed rest period must be of at least 30 consecutive days. In case of bed rest interruption, any additional time of bed rest shall be of at least 14 days.

Less than 30 days of pregnancy bed rest

If you were in pregnancy bed rest for less than 30 days, you may be entitled to the benefit if you meet all following conditions:

  • You were granted pregnancy bed rest for at least 30 days.
  • Pregnancy bed rest ended before 30 days elapsed due to childbirth.

Please note: A gynecologist on behalf of the NII verifies if the ground of the pregnancy bed rest request is in accordance with the law. The doctor is entitled to request clarifications and information on anything pertaining to the medical authorization. He has the authority to disapprove the claim when the medical circumstances do not justify bed rest, or when the woman's type of work or occupation do not constitute a risk to the mother or to her fetus, as stated by law.

Fourth condition - Stay in Israel

Traveling abroad during pregnancy bed rest revokes eligibility for the benefit.

Fifth condition - Payment from other entities

The benefit will be paid to you, only if you do not receive any payment from another entity regarding days of pregnancy bed rest, such as sick pay from employer, employer's insurance, etc.

Please note that sick leave can be obtained from your employer as well as a pregnancy bed rest benefit from the National Insurance.
If you have accrued sick leave days - you can choose between using those sick leave days (in part or in full) during the pregnancy bed rest or receive a pregnancy bed rest benefit from the National Insurance, provided that you meet the conditions of entitlement.

If you do receive another benefit from the NII, you can, under certain circumstances, receive pregnancy bed rest benefit as well - to check the possibility of receiving more than one benefit, click here.

If your claim to a pregnancy bed rest claim is denied - you may, in certain circumstances, be entitled to a disability pension.