How to submit a claim

A claim can be submitted immediately upon stopping your work due to risk pregnancy.

Documents to be submitted

  1. Claim for risk pregnancy benefit
  2. Medical authorization - the claim involves a medical authorization that must be filled out only by an expert gynecologist. In addition to the authorization, a medical risk pregnancy card and a medical certificate regarding the need for bed rest must be attached to the claim. In case work environment or type are the cause for pregnancy bed rest, you might be asked to provide an authorization from an occupational physician.
  3. Employer's authorization - a salaried employee has to ask her employer to fill out the claim form's part dedicated to employer. In case` work environment or type are the cause for pregnancy bed rest, it is required to attach a detailed note from the employer regarding work's character, as well as his confirmation that no alternative work was found for you.
  4. Vocational training or rehabilitation - if you were undergoing vocational training or rehabilitation, and insurance contribution were paid on your behalf during in the meanwhile, you must attach to the claim an authorization from the Ministry of Health or the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor regarding the location and time of the training or rehabilitation.

How to send documents

The claim and documents can be sent by one of the following ways:

You must submit the claim and relevant authorizations within 12 months of the start of pregnancy bed rest.