Income support recipient's right to be heard

​If you are a recipient of income support benefit and, in our verification, it is found that your in principle not entitled to the benefit for one of the two situations describe below:

you live with a common law spouse who does not meet the conditions of entitlement to income support.

You use a car on a permanent basis.

You have the right to be heard (express reserves about the decision on your eligibility) in the following manner:

Before ruling on the discontinuation of your benefit, a written notification is sent to you, giving you the opportunity to waive your right to an income support benefit. At this point, payment of your benefit is maintained, and you will be granted the right to be heard within 45 days since the day of the notification.

During 45 days, you may contact us in writting or approach a local branch, for purposes of expressing your position on that matter.

After hearing your arguments, your entitlement to the benefit will be re-examined, and the decision will be notified to you.

In case a response from your part is not received within 45 days, benefit payment will be discontinued.