Income support for discharged soldiers and people completing national/civil service

​The National Insurance Institute congratulates you for your discharge from IDF, and wishes you a successful civilian life.

If you don't work or have low income (up to NIS 3,307 per month), we advise you to check your eligibility for income support from the National Insurance Institute. If you are married - your spouse must meet the conditions of entitlement as well.

You can check your eligibility in a fast and simple manner with the income support calculator.

Please note, you will not be eligible for the benefit if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • You have not turned 20 yet. Barring special cases.
  • You are a student in an academic institution, rewarding studies with a diploma.
  • You are a student in a Yeshiva.
  • You are member of a kibbutz or a cooperative moshav.
  • You own or use a vehicle (motorcycle included) worth over NIS 44,611 .

Submitting a claim

If you meet the conditions of entitlement, you have to carry out the actions below in order to check your eligibility for the benefit:

  1. Submit to us a claim for income support
    Please note, benefit eligibility is granted since the month of claim submission (no retroactive eligibility), it is therefore important to submit the claim as soon as possible.
    Even if some documents are missing, submit the claim anyway, then send the document to us later on.
  2. Registering online on the Employment Service's website
  3. You can follow the handling process of your claim on the Personal Service site
    A few days after submitting the claim, you will be able to see on the Personal Service site the status of your claim, receive information regarding the benefit rate, payment date and more.

Benefit rate

For an individual registering with Employment Service who is single and have no other income: NIS 1,519 per month. If your gross income is above NIS 3,307 , you will not be entitled to the benefit.

You can easily check the amount of the benefit based on your income and your family situation by means of the income supplement calculator.

Benefit payment

A this time, eligibility for the benefit starts from the month following the month of the discharge. You have to register with Employment Service during that month, in order to be entitled to the benefit.

Travel abroad

If you plan on travelling abroad, it is important to know that you might not be entitled to the benefit for the month of your departure, the month of your return, and the month of your stay abroad. To learn more, click here.

Notification of changes

If you started working, you have to notify us on this link, since it has an impact on your benefit eligibility.

Moreover, you must notify us of any other change influencing your right to the benefit, such as income, family situation, travel abroad, etc.

We wish you a successful civilian life and hope you will soon find work!

as of Jan 01, 2023