A recipient benefit who goes abroad

A recipient of an income support benefit who goes abroad will not be entitled to the income support benefit for the period in which he or she was abroad, according to the following principles:
These rules apply to those who have not yet reached retirement age (or their spouse).
  • A person who was abroad the entire month will not receive the income support benefit for that month.
  • For the month in which the person went abroad and the month in which he or she returned a recipient will receive the benefit only if this was his or her first departure abroad during that year (from January 1 to December 31 of the same year), and if all the conditions for eligibility were met that month. A person who went abroad for the second time in a year (from January 1 to December 31 of the same year) will not receive the benefit for the month of departure or return either.
  • A person participating in vocational training or in a rehabilitation plan (or a person requesting work at the Employment Service) who is absent due to a trip abroad is not entitled to income support benefit for all months in which he or she did not participate.
  • A person who makes a Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca for the first time in his or her life and for a period of up to 23 days will not lose their eligibility to the benefit, nor will an unemployed person who failed to report to the Employment Service bureau.
  • If a person went abroad and meets the conditions for eligibility but is not a recipient of the benefit due to going abroad (for example: if they went abroad for a second time in a year), their spouse who remained in Israel will be the sole recipient of the benefit, either as an individual or an individual with children, according to each case.
  • A trip abroad due to the death of an immediate family member (a spouse, parent, child or sibling) for a maximum of 3 weeks is not included in the calculation of the time spent abroad during that calendar year.
  • A person who goes abroad to receive medical treatment that cannot be obtained in Israel, or a person accompanying a sick family member (parent, child, spouse) for the purpose of obtaining such medical treatment, and has received authorization from the Ministry of Health for the trip, will continue to receive the benefit even for the time that he or she stays abroad - up to 6 months.
  • A person who was not eligible for a benefit in the month preceding the month of exit abroad - will not be eligible in both months of departure abroad and the month of his or her return.
  • A person who reached retirement age, and is receiving an old-age pension or survivors pension with increment of income supplement - his or her eligibility will be examined according to the rules detailed in the old-age website.