Partial grant for those who worked less than 6 months

If you have worked at a essential work for less than6 full months, you can qualify, under certain conditions, for a partial grant.

Conditions of eligibility for a partial grant:

To qualify for a partial grant, you must meet these 3 conditions:

1.    You worked at a essential work that was deemed unsuitable for you. 

The work did not suit you for these reasons: for professional, distance or medical reasons.

  • In terms of the profession - you have an education, a profession certificate, a course that you acquired in military service or outside of it - and you worked in a job that is not your profession. Example: An electrical technician who worked as a waiter in a hotel.
  • In terms of distance - you worked in a workplace more than 60 km from your place of residence and one of the following conditions was met:
     - The employer did not provide you with a free place of residence.
    - The employer did not provide you with daily transportation from your place of residence to your workplace and back, when there is no regular public transportation, and did not pay you a fee for travel time exceeding one hour in each direction.
  • For medical reasons - you were working in a job that was not suitable for your medical condition during this period.
    For example: You have a certificate from an occupational therapist stating that you are not allowed to lift heavy loads and yet you worked in construction.

2.    You worked at least 25 consecutive working days 

During the first 21 months from the date of discharge, or 3 consecutive months between the 22nd month and the 24th month from the date of discharge.

3.    You are entitled to unemployment benefit.

Please note, those who work at a essential work in the first year of discharge, do not have to meet this condition, so it is recommended to start working in the first year of release.

Those who were discharged from compulsory service and those who completed 24 months of national service or national-civil service during the period from 1.1.20 to 31.12.20 - should not be entitled to unemployment benefits, even if they began to work at a essential work in the second year of discharge.  
However, if they start working at a essential work - they must be eligible for unemployment benefits on the day they start working.

Partial grant amount:

The partial grant will be calculated proportionally according to the number of days you worked in the preferred job.

Please note that if you have received a partial grant and the period in which you can work in a job that qualifies for the grant has not yet ended - you can receive an additional payment of the grant in the following cases:

  • If you have completed the qualifying period (half a year/150 days) - you can receive the difference between the partial grant you received and the full grant.
  • If you have not completed the grant qualifying period, and have worked an additional period in a job defined for you as preferred - you can receive an additional partial grant for those days. To find out if the work is defined as preferred, please contact us on the website or at the call center * 6050