Contact your local branch

Contact directly via the website

You may contact your local NII branch for clarification of various issues by means of a secure contact form to your local branch. When the form is received, you will receive an email with a number confirming its receipt.

A response to your query will be sent to you as soon as possible.

Submitting claims and sending documents

You may contact your branch directly to submit claims, send documents and authorisation and report changes, as well as to request information about and clarification of various matters by  the following means:
  • Internet sitesubmitting forms online, sending documents.
  • Fax – to be sent to the department dealing with the matter. To find a fax number, click on the name of the town in the branch list, or type the branch or town name under "Branch search" on the toolbar at the top of this page.
  • Mail
  • Service Box – at the entrance to the branch.

It is important that on every written appeal you clearly indicate your ID number and the name of the relevant department.

Please note!
The following documents cannot be sent by fax or through the internet, the applicant must submit either the original document or a copy certified by a lawyer (the actual copy certified by the lawyer, not a copy of it):
  • Order of probate
  • Will
  • Court order validating will
  • Irrevocable power of attorney to transfer an asset
  • Order appointing a guardian
  • Maintenance decree (including court-judgement for maintenance/alimony and divorce agreement)
  • Invoice
  • Certificate of existence for an insured person living abroad