Sexual harassment at work

Sexual harassment at work is a traumatic experience that affects the ability to work and function in daily life.

The National Insurance Institute is aware of the consequences of sexual harassment in the workplace, therefore, if you suffer a mental or physical harm as a result of harassment at work, you may be entitled to work-injury benefit as compensation for loss of wages, coverage of medical expenses following the injury, and a disability pension.

Please note that if the harm is not related to work, you can check your eligibility for a general disability pension – for more information, click here.

What is sexual harassment at work?

Sexual harassment at work is a verbal or physical behavior of a sexual nature, done against the will of the harassed person. Harassment can involve looks, crude jokes, displaying pornographic images, ambiguous statements, abusive remarks of a sexual nature, pressure to have fun together, unwanted physical contact, demands for sexual favors, sexual assault or rape.

Sexual harassment deemed as an injury at work can occur while working in the workplace or anywhere else if it comes as an abuse of authority in the employment relationship.

Receiving benefits from the National Insurance Institute

If you suffer a mental or physical injury as a result of harassment at work, you may be entitled to following benefits, after being recognized by the National Insurance Institute as a work-injury victim:

  • Injury allowance for a period of up to 3 months – compensation for the loss of your income in the period after the injury.
  • Free medical care for issues resulting from the recognized injury.
  • Work disability pension  – If you remained impaired as a result of the injury, you may be entitled to a work disability pension or a grant, at the Medical Board discretion.

Filing a claim to recognized as a work-injury victim

How to file a claim to be recognized as a work-injury victim is detailed on this link.

What documents should be attached to the claim?

If the complaint is subject to a disciplinary proceeding in the workplace, in a criminal proceeding in the police or in a civil proceeding in court, you must attach all the documents related to the proceeding.

Please note, when no disciplinary, criminal or civil proceedings have been initiated, or in cases where attached documents lack information, the National Insurance Institute may contact the workplace to obtain further details before recognizing the work injury.

The claim can be submitted regardless of the time elapsed since the injury, but payment begins from the date of submission of the claim and up to 12 months retroactively.


Whenever the feminine is used in the above text, it applies to women and men alike.