How to submit a claim for an injury allowance

A claim for injury allowance must be submitted to the branch of the National Insurance Institute (NII) nearest your place of residence, within 12 months from the date of the injury, together with the required documents. Submitting a claim past that deadline may be prejudicial to your right to receive the allowance.
We advise you to submit a claim as soon as possible after the injury.
A person who contracted Covid-19 as a result of exposure to an infected individual in the workplace – shall submit an injury allowance claim as prejudice at work and not as occupational disease.

Obtaining the "initial medical certificate of work injury" from a health maintenance organization (HMO) or hospital

Before submitting the claim to the NII, you should get the form of referral to medical treatment (form # 250) filled out and signed by your employer. If you are self-employed, you should fill out the referral form for medical treatment for a self-employed worker (form # 283).

Submit the referral form to the doctor at the Work Accident Department of your sick fund, and he will give you an "initial medical certificate for work injured."

What documents should be attached to the claim?

  • A report from the emergency room of the hospital where you were treated immediately following the injury or an "initial medical certificate for work injured" from the work accident department of the sick fund of which you are a member. The doctor must indicate the medical diagnosis and the period of time during which you are unable to work on the medical certificate. The medical certificate attached must be the original one.
  • Salaried employee – if you have been absent from work, for reasons beyond your control (illness, unemployment, reserve duty, etc.), in the 3 months preceding the injury – you must attach certificates regarding your days of absence from work.
    If you worked in several workplaces in the 3 months preceding the injury – you must attach pay slips or wage certificates from all workplaces.
  • If the injury was caused by a traffic accident – you must attach the police report police, a photocopy of an insurance certificate and a copy of the claim to the insurance company.
A form that is not signed by the applicant and/or has no medical reports attached to it, will be returned without being processed.

The claim and documents can be sent as follows:

Important Information!

  • Employees whose employer received special permission from the National Insurance Institute to pay an injury allowance to his employees (section 22 of the Work Injury Insurance Regulations) – will receive payment of injury allowance from their employer. The injury allowance paid by the employer may not be less than the injury allowance due to the employee by law.
  • If, due to the work injury, you have also claimed compensation from a third party who is not your employer (such as another party responsible for the injury or an insurance company) – you must inform the Work Injury Department of branch nearest your place of residence.