How to submit the claim

A claim for attendance allowance can be submitted from age 18 and up to 6 months past retirement age.

New service! The claim can be filled and all documents sent through a service representative over the telephone at *3928. The representative will complete the claim on your behalf over the telephone, and help you submit documents.

If you are hospitalized, you can submit a claim with the "First Class" service through a social worker of the hospital in which you are treated.

Documents to be submitted

  • Medical documents - illness summaries or any other medical document, detailing chronic diseases, treatments or drugs.
  • Pay slip for the last half year - for those who have switched workplace during the last year.
  • Power of attorney - whether the person submitting and signing the claim is not the claimant himself but its representative, section 2 of claim form must be filled out and a power of attorney, custodian order or a judgment are to be attached to the claim.

How to send documents

The claim and documents may be sent by one of the following ways:


After submitting the claim, if necessary, you will be invited for an examination at a Medical Board; in case of severe medical condition, the claim will be subject to a "fast track" handling process.

You can receive, free of charge, advice and preparation for Medical Boards by "Helping Hand" centers.