First class - Filing a disability claim on behalf of a hospitalized patient

​Are you being treated in hospital? Your rights deserve First Class treatment

As part of its service improvements, the National Insurance Institute, in collaboration with hospitals, is offering a new service for patients requiring nursing - FIRST CLASS:

Checking your eligibility for benefits and allowances in general disability, attendance and disabled child, through the hospital or child development center, in a friendly and convenient way, while maintaining full privacy.

How does the service work?  You sign up, we do the rest!

A social worker of the hospital or child development center will come to you, have you sign an application form, then forward it directly to the National Insurance Institute for further handling and to exercise your rights, and you don't need to do anything else.

What happens when the claim is submitted to the National Insurance Institute?

We at the National Insurance Institute do everything we can to handle your claim as soon as possible, and if possible to reach a decision regarding your need for assistance based on the medical reports we receive from the hospital, with no need for a visit to your home.
If necessary, we will contact you or the contact person you named on the application form. Likewise, if income information is required, we will contact your employer with your consent.
Once a decision is made on your claim, we will notify you with a message to your mobile phone and a letter to your home address.

Tracking claim status

You can track the handling of your claim online on your Personal Service account (after an identification process in which you receive a password), or by calling *6050.
If you have any questions you can contact us through the following channels: