Attendance Allowance for the Disabled

A doctor examines the medical documents and decides, whether it is possible to reach a decision without the presence of the disabled person in the board.

Examination of the disabled person:

At the Medical Board, the doctor examines to what degree the disabled person requires the assistance of another person in executing 5 daily activities (dressing, eating, control of bodily functions, bathing and moving around the house), as well as 6 housekeeping activities (preparing food, using appliances, housekeeping, taking medication, shopping outside of the home, running institutional and financial errands).

At the end of the examination (after you leave the Medical Board), the doctor sums up the findings and determine the level of assistance that the disabled person requires from another person. Based on this level of assistance, the NII claims officer decides on the rate of attendance allowance to which the disabled person is entitled.

Appealing against the decision of the Medical Board before the Medical Appeals Board.