Transcription and translation services into sign language

Whether you are suffering from hearing impairment, deafness or muteness, you can receive services of transcription and translation into sign language at Medical Boards and meetings with rehabilitation officers, free of charge, from the the NII.​

​How to receive the services?

If you wish us to arrange a translator or a transcriptor on your behalf, you must give us notice thereof by one of the following ways:

Sending a written application by means of the online inquiry form for deaf or hearing impaired persons. To send the inquiry you will be asked to fill in your password on the form, in case you are not in possession of a password, you can order a password by means of the website.

Fill out the application form for services of translation/transcription into sign language and send it to your local NII branch.

Whether you are working with a specific translator employed by the Deaf Promotion Institute (DPI), through the absorption basket of the Ministry of Social Affairs, you can bring him to the Board's hearing or to the meeting with rehabilitation officers without prior notice, and the NII will pay the cost of the service to the DPI.

In order to receive payment for a regular translator/transcriptor, you must fill out the application for payment of translation/transcription services into sign language and obtain the signature of the Board's doctor on the form. Upon receiving authorization from the doctor/rehabilitation officer, the translator/transcriptor has to submit the form to the DPI in order to obtain payment.