Fast track for persons with severe disabilities

In order to shorten the time of handling the claims of persons with severe disabilities, it was decided on fast track for such persons.

The claims of the following categories of persons will be handled through the fast track:

  • Persons having a malignant disease who are  undergoing active treatment of this disease, or are in a terminal condition;
  • Persons ill with ALS who are receiving RILUTEK treatment;
  • Persons with severe tuberculosis;
  • Persons in the first year after a transplant of a kidney, heart, lung, liver, pancreas or marrow;
  • Persons with a severe or infective disease who are receiving active treatment for this disease.

In the above cases, the physician at the local NII branch will decide whether or not this is indeed a fast track case and whether or not the presence of the claimant is required in order to reach a decision. Fast track claims will be given preference in handling; the NII will endeavor to complete the handling of these claims within 30 days of their having been received.