Conditions of eligibility for recognition as hostile actions casualty

In order to be recognized as a hostile action casualty you must meet the following two conditions:

First condition - You sustained a hostile action injury

An action injury is one of the following:
  • An injury resulting from hostile actions by enemy forces.
  • An injury made unintentionally by an individual as results of hostile actions by enemy forces, or an injury made by mistake in circumstances in which there was a reasonable fear that a hostile action will be carried out.
  • An injury from a weapon that was intended to be used in hostile actions by enemy forces, or from a weapon used to prevent such action.
  • An injury from an act of violence carried out with the main intent to hurt a person because of his national-ethnic origin and arising from the Arab-Israeli conflict.
    All subject to the approval by the certifying authority, which is appointed by the Minister of Defense, that the injury is caused by a hostile action.
  • Hostile action injury sustained abroad.

- An action perpetrated outside of Israel is recognized as a hostile action if its purpose was to arm Israel or the Jewish people.
- Moreover, according to a legal amendment in effect as of April 1, 2017, an injury sustained abroad after April 1, 2012, will be recognized as a hostile action injury, even if harming Israel or the Jewish people was neither its primary nor secondary purpose, provided that the hostile actions was perpetrated by an organization whose objectives include harming Israel, its citizens or Jews. In such a case, one may be entitlement to benefits as of April 1, 2017.
- If you were injured abroad in a hostile action and are entitled to compensations under the laws of the State in which you were injured or the State in which you are resident - you are not eligible for benefits under the Benefits to Victims of Hostile Actions Law.

Second condition - Your status in Israel

A person may not be recognized as a hostile actions casualty unless he has one of the following status in Israel:

  • You are an Israeli resident or an Israeli citizen, and the injury occurred in Israel, in the territories of Judea Samaria (territories controlled by Israel), or outside of Israel.
  • You are an Israeli citizen and less than a year has passed since the time you ceased to be an Israeli resident, and you were injured outside of Israel.
  • You do not have Israeli citizenship, but you entered Israel legally under the Entry into Israel Law, or you do not require a visa (such as those with diplomatic passports or tourists from a country with which Israel has a visa exemption, etc.) - and you were injured within the territory of the State of Israel or in the territories of Judea Samaria (those controlled by Israel).
  • You are a resident of the territories with an Israeli identity card and were injured within the Green Line.
  • You are a resident of the territories and you have an entry permit from the IDF commander in the region and you were injured within the Green Line.
  • You are a foreign resident and were injured during, and as a result of, your work abroad for an Israeli employer - to consult the list of concerned employers (in Hebrew), click here.
Please note, if you were injured while committing a crime or an offense, with intent or wrongful negligence, you will not be recognized as a hostile actions casualty.

Claim for recognition of a hostile actions prejudice

If you were injured in a hostile action, you need to fill out a declaration of injury in a hostile action and claim for recognition of a hostile action.
The claim and documents submitted to us will be transferred for approval to the certifying authority (154) of the Ministry of Defense, which has the authority to recognize you as a hostile actions casualty.

The claim, along with required documents, can be submitted as follows:

Those injured from 7.10.23 onwards during the Iron Swords war

Fill out a condensed form online on the website.

Those injured up to 6.10.23