Relief Centers for Anxiety Victims

​The National Insurance, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, the Israeli Coalition for Trauma and Resilience Centers, are now taking steps to offer a psychologic and supportive response to anxiety victims in the current security situation.

In cases of distress and anxiety, you are entitled to receive help assistance by psychologists, psychiatrists, social and clinical workers.

What is included in the assistance to anxiety victims in resilience centers?

  • First aid care financed by the National Insurance Institute.
  • Up to 12 psychological treatments (if needed, additional treatments will be approved).
  • Personal treatments, also appropriate for children and families.

Please note that all treatments in resilience centers and clinics for anxiety victims, are provided without any need to submit a claim.

See also the Ministry of Health guidelines to victims of hostile actions

Centers and clinics for emotional care and support

Telephone numbers of resilience centers in the Jerusalem:

Amecha Amuta: Hillel Street, 23, telephone: 02-6850745

The Israeli Center for PsychoTrauma Care: 02-6449666

List of centers and clinics for emotional care and support across the country: