Medical treatment

Medical treatment for a person injured in a hostile action includes hospitalization and treatment of injuries sustained as a result of the attack (including dental treatment, medication, medical accessories, recuperation and rehabilitation). Medical treatment can be obtained in government hospitals and through the health funds, based on the NII confirmation that the injury is recognized as a hostilities-related injury, and based on a financial commitment by the NII.
The injured person is also entitled to first aid from Magen David Adom and from any doctor or medical institution near the place of the injury.
The NII does not reimburse expenses for private medical treatment.

For reimbursement of medical care expenses, or commitment to cover medical care, one must contact the branch nearest your place of residence.

Reimbursement of expenses for medical treatment:


Reimbursement can be obtained for medications connected to the injury that were not supplied by a public health service. To obtain the refund, apply to the local NII branches closest to the place of residence, attaching the prescriptions and receipts from the pharmacy.

Chronic prescription drugs by direct mail

A victim who needs medication very frequently, permanently or for a long period of time, can provide the handling branch with a prescription from your attending physician (types of drugs + dosage), detailing quantities for a long period of several months.
After approval by the branch's physician, the list is transferred with a payment commitment to the "Shor Tabashnik" pharmacy, which medication will be supplied to the disabled.

Medical cannabis

Expenses related to cannabis are covered under the following conditions:

  • You hold a valid license to use cannabis by the Ministry of Health.
  • The license is given for purposes of treating a disability recognized as related to hostile actions.

Returns on purchase of cannabis are made according to the types and dosages prescribed by the license of the Ministry of Health, and upon presentation of proofs of supply and payment.

If the substances are delivered to your home, you may receive reimbursement of delivery costs up to 100 NIS, upon presentation of receipts.
If you had to travel to buy substances in a pharmacy, you may receive travel expenses return, in accordance with the directives of the Ministry of Defense regarding travels for medical treatment (details hereafter).

Accessory devices for cannabis use, either by smoking or swallowing, such as: cigarettes roller, rolling paper, filters and similar items, are compensated with the return payment for cannabis.

Vaping device:
A vaping device will be financed based upon a medical advice detailing the ground to prevail vaping over smoking.
Only one vaping device can be covered, portable or not.
Replacement of a vaping device is approved based on wear, and only when at least three years have passed since the purchase of the previous device. The device will be purchased by the eligible person and a return in money given against an invoice.
Maximum amount of reimbursement: 1,999 NIS including VAT.

Cannabis delivered by direct mail:

Like chronic prescription drugs supplied by direct mail, delivery of medical cannabis will be handled by the "Shor Tabashnick" pharmacy.

  • How to apply for cannabis direct mail delivery?
    One must send to the handling branch the permit and prescriptions from the Ministry of Health, and indicate that you are interested in direct mailing.
  • How will the cannabis be delivered to me?
    After approval by the branch's physician, the National Insurance will transfer a cover commitment to the pharmacy. The pharmacy will get in touch with you and arrange with you the delivery of cannabis to your home address.
  • Important information!
    The disabled allowed to use medical cannabis and receiving prescription from a physician on a monthly basis (since Health Ministry prescriptions are digital) - must send the prescription by email directly to the "Shor Tabashnick" pharmacy: There is no need to send it to the branch.
    Accessory products such as rolling paper, filters and the likes, will also be supplied by the "Shor Tabashnick" pharmacy.


A victim of hostile action is entitled to reimbursement of expenses for travel required to obtain medical treatment. The refund is only given when the medical treatment is performed near the place of residence, by a recognized public medical institution.

Written certification from the treating institution (health fund, hospital, etc.) must be attached, noting the date and type of treatment provided and receipts as necessary, as follows:

  • An injured person who traveled on public transportation (bus, taxi, shared taxi, etc.) must sign a declaration specifying the route and cost of the trip (there is no need to attach tickets). The reimbursement is calculated according to the public transportation fares.
  • An injured person who traveled in a special taxi or ambulance (after the treating physician, with the authorization of the NII physician, determined that his condition did not enable him to travel on public transportation) must attach receipts for the trip expenses.
  • An injured person who traveled in his private vehicle receives reimbursement by kilometers (according to the rate paid to a civil servant).

Convalescence in a hotel after hospitalization

Are eligible for this benefit those who were hospitalized for at least 5 days, or those undergoing a surgery requiring at least 3 days of hospitalization, when such hospitalization is in relation with a disability recognized as related to an hostile action, subject to referral by treating physician and approval by a NII physician.
To exercise this right you need to contact your local branch. The National Insurance will refer eligible people to the "Flying Carpet" company in order to book accommodation and stay in one of the hotels participating in this program.

Coverage of dental treatment for victims

Who is entitled to coverage ? 
Are entitled to funding of dental treatment the disabled whose teeth were prejudiced during the hostile action, as well as the disabled with a special 100% degree of disability, or a disability of 50% or more due to a head injury, or 20% or more due to an emotional harm.

What is the scope of entitlement ?
The treatment includes preventive, preservative and prosthetic treatment (dentures).
The disabled whose specific dental injuries have been recognized, will receive appropriate treatment relative to their injury.
The treatment will be provided by certified dentists, according to the tariffs detailed in the price list established by the National Insurance for dental care.

How to take-up your right?
Before starting a treatment, you must provide your handling branch with the following items for approval:

  • A dental care program issued by a certified dentist
  • X-rays
  • Quotation

Please note that for claims related to gum surgeries not included in the list of prices, two quotations must be attached, at least one from a public clinic (hospital) or from one of the HMOs.

Reimbursements will be awarded to eligible people upon presentation of the following documents:

  • X-rays (and any other required photography) showing the performance of the treatment based on the approved program,
  • Copy of the treatments card
  • Invoices and receipts detailing the performed treatment and payment.

If you chose a pricier treatment, you will only be able to be reimbursed up to the amounts specified in the medical care price list, as detailed in this Medical Care Circular.

Please note that you need to observe the dentist's instructions regarding the medical treatment in order to preserve your eligibility for coverage.