Objectives of the Fund

To assist organizations and professionals to realize their dreams/visions for the welfare of the population.


To create opportunities for thinking and acting in the professional field, and for helping society be more equitable, through commitment and responsibility, belief and empathy.


To improve services, to strengthen communities and to contribute knowledge, information and resources for the benefit of society at large. 


The Fund supports social projects that constitute primary models that can be expanded and disseminated as well as programs that can be adapted to additional population groups.

The Fund operates according to regulations under article 36 of the National Insurance Law. It focuses on development of new models and on implementation of programs that have been tried and have succeeded in the past. The Fund also looks for opportunities for new projects within existing systems and organizations, and tries to find solutions for unique population sectors in accordance with their specific needs.


The Fund aims to increase the scope of its activities by expanding the number of localities and organizations it assists, and to reach those sectors of the population that find it difficult to make use of social services, by coordinating and encouraging multi-organizational cooperation.


The insurance contributions collected from the country’s residents return to the community for developing welfare services.