Practical Advice

It is recommended to simplify the description of your project insofar as possible, while indicating the advantages and uniqueness of the project in a convincing manner.

In writing the proposal, write succinctly and in a clear and simple language.


Clarify all abbreviations and special terms, working on the assumption that the reader is not familiar with the specific subject or field.


Do not assume that the financing sources are acquainted with the needs of the communities.


Strengthen your position with data and facts, but not with long paragraphs or tables that do not add any value to the proposal.


The proposal should express your enthusiasm with the proposed project, your strong desire to meet the specified need and your firm belief that your organization is capable of meeting this need.


 If your proposal is not approved, or if you decide to withdraw your request, we invite you to present us with your comments so that we can learn from the process.