Project management in trial period

In the experimental period, it is important that the project be implemented in an organized, efficient and consistent manner.

The composition of the steering committee and the frequency of its meetings shall be determined jointly. In addition, a professional committee is often set up for the project; this committee convenes at varying frequencies in accordance with the project needs. The meetings of both the professional committee and the steering committee take place at predetermined times and in coordination with all participants. The association is reqired to keep protocols, and the committee members follow up on the implementation of all decisions that are made.


The association must document all project activities – types of activities and what is planned in the near future. Please remember – if you worked and did not document this work – it is as if you did not work. The accompanying research does not replace the association’s work.


The method of transfer of NII payments varies for the different projects. The share of the NII in financing the project is determined in a legal contract. The payments are carried out on the dates indicated in the contract and are transferred to the association in the form of bank drafts or directly to the association’s bank account. The NII generally transfers an advance payment at the beginning of the project’s implementation. The NII payments are carried out in accordance with the project’s progress and actual expenses.


If the project's expenses turn out to be lower than originally expected, the participation in financing the project will be lowered accordingly. If expenses turn out to be higher, the NII will only pay the sums as committed to in the contract. Attention should therefore be paid to budgetary limitations and future sources of financing should be carefully planned. Every actual expense higher than that authorized in the budget will be at the association’s own expense. The association is required to issue a receipt for every payment received and to fill out a form affirming receipt of the payment.