Criteria for Providing Assistance

The project is experimental and innovative.


An initial model of social service development.


A project that acts in a minimal agenda within a limited time frame, and upon which a research evaluation is conducted.


A project which was completed successfully and can be expanded / integrated in other communities.


A project aimed at a defined population or group with a specific need for assistance.


A commitment to continue - the bodies developing the service must continue funding the services at the end of the assistance. It is important that the applying organization will be able to continue the project after the Fund ends its assistance. 


The fund does not participate in funding:

Construction of a building.


Self-supportive information campaigns of any type .


Daily activities of an organization, which is not a part of the program.


Initial poll of needs, required for preparing and writing the program .


Elements of a project that other governmental bodies are required by law to fulfill.


A body which has not kept previous commitments to the NII.


Loans or scholarships.


Research alone.


Employee training.