Payments transfer method

​The level of participation of the National Insurance in a project differs from one project to another. The National Insurance's share in funding the project is set forth in a legal agreement. Payments related to the project are made according to the scheduled provided by the agreement that has been signed, and are transferred to the organization by means of a banking check or into the organization's bank account directly. Generally, an advance payment is transferred at the start of project operation.

National Insurance payments are made in relation with project progress and actual expenses. Should project expenditure be lower than anticipated, funding participation will be reduced accordingly. Otherwise, if project expenditure is higher than planned, the National Insurance will only assume the sums to the extent of its commitment under the agreement. You should therefore be aware of budget limitation and act accordingly, and always provide for future funding sources. From the start of the project, you should focus and follow the original budget. Any actual over-budget expenditure that has been approved, will be at your own expense.

If you have received a payment, you are asked to fill out a form confirming payment receipt together with a receipt from the organization approving payment collection.