Approval Process

The process takes between 8 months and a year up to final approval and beginning of assistance.

Every application merits an objective, professional response. Applications are considered in accordance with the extent of their meeting the Fund’s criteria. Since most proposals are written as a response to needs, the proposals that are approved are the ones that best match the Fund’s objectives and criteria.

The examination process relates to the following aspects:

How is the novelty of the program reflected?

Is the proposed intervention indeed novel?

Is it in the association’s mandate?

What is the associations’ economic capacity?

Can the proposed model assist a population group?

We are sometimes assisted by professionals outside of the Fund who give us their opinion on the necessity of the project and its financial support.
Process of examination

Every application receives a written response that clarifies the conditions for continuing the process or the reasons for unsuitability. Since your application is not the first to reach us, please be patient. The examination of the first draft of the proposal can take between a month and 6 weeks. If the application does not meet the criteria, we try to assist in looking for other possibilities of funding either within or outside the NII.


In many instances, the Fund staff will invite you to a meeting and will give you guidelines for continuing to develop your proposal. In the course of the preliminary examination, we will send you written questions and ask for written replies.

If anything is not clear, you can call us and consult with us.


The speed in which the proposal is rewritten and improved depends on you. Our reaction reflects the scope of the work that you have done or should do in order to implement the project. You should be aware of the fact that your proposal will undergo a process during which you will be asked to make changes in accordance with our comments.


Approval process


Your proposal will be discussed and decided upon in two committees: an internal NII committee and a public committee. Both committees conduct their discussions based on the material submitted. The final approval by the Minister of Social Affairs enables us to draw out the legal contract between the organizations and to begin operating the project.