How to submit the claim?

In most cases, the claim is paid automatically, based on the information transferred to the NII by the hospital after the birth, and there is no need to submit a claim. However, there are cases in which the family does have to submit a claim to the NII. 

Automatic payment of allowance

The hospitals in Israel transfer information on births to the National Insurance Institute, which pays the child allowance on the basis of this information, and there is no need to submit a claim to the National Insurance Institute.

However, for the NII to pay the allowance, the mother must provide the hospital reception clerk with the address of her residence and details of her bank account (for a first birth only) in which the allowance should be deposited.

This must be an account in the name of the mother or a joint account in her name and the name of her spouse.

Submission of claim by a parent

In the following cases, when the NII does not receive information on the birth from the hospital, the parent has to submit a claim form to the National Insurance Institute in order to receive the allowance:

  • If a child is born at home.
  • If a child is born abroad - a photocopy of the child's passport must be attached to the claim form.
  • If a child is adopted - in this case, one must attach to the claim form an authorization from Child Service mentioning: child's temporary ID number, date of birth and fostering date by the adopting family. If the child was adopted oversees, a notarial authorization and a photocopy of child's passport, mentioning the date of the child's entrance in Israel, shall be attached to the claim - for more information about child allowance for adoptive parents, click here.
  • If a child immigrated to Israel without his parents - the allowance is paid to the person appointed to receive the child allowance.
  • If the child has a legal guardian, or is not living with his parents - relevant authorization must be provided in attachment.

How to send the documents

The claim and all relevant documentation may be sent by one of the following ways:


The number of the mother's bank account or that she shares with her spouse must be indicated on the claim form.

Time limit on claim submission

Claim for child allowance must be submitted within 12 months after the date of entitlement to the benefit (date of birth, immigration to Israel, adoption or entrance in Israel). Those submitting the claim beyond 12 months after this date may not receive payment but for a period of 12 months preceding the date of claim submission.