Child allowance rates

The amount of the allowance is determined by three factors: the number of children in the family, their birth dates and whether or not the family is entitled to a subsistence benefit from the National Insurance of Israel (NII).

To help you in determining the amount of child allowance to which you are entitled, you can use this simulator (in Hebrew) for an easy and fast benefit calculation.

Benefit rates for children according to their position in the family (as of Jan 01, 2024)

Child's place in the family Amount of allowance for that child
1stNIS 169
2ndNIS 214
3rdNIS 214
4thNIS 214
 5th and subsequentNIS 169

Increment for a parent receiving a subsistence benefit

An increment to child allowance is paid to any parent who receives one of the following benefits from the NII: income support, maintenance (alimony), old-age pension with income supplement or survivors' pension with income supplement.
The increment is paid for the third and fourth children in the family and amounts to NIS 111 per child.

Deductions from the allowance

The NII is entitled to deduct from child allowance any debt of one of the parents to the NII.