How to submit a claim for study grant

Although most of the eligible for a study grant receive the grant automatically without having to submit a claim to the NII, some parents do need to file a claim in order to receive the grant.

Those who must submit a claim for the grant

A claim must be submitted only by the following eligible persons:

  1. A single parent (single, divorced or widowed, who has no common-law spouse) -  must submit a claim only for the first time.
  2. Parents who are living apart
  3. "Aguna" women
  4. Women living in a shelter for battered women
  5. New immigrants


All the other eligible receive the grant automatically.

Documents to be submitted

Claim For Study Grant Form

Divorced parents or those who are living apart have to submit the following documents too:

Ways to submit the claim

The claim and required documents can be sent by one of the following ways:



  • We send forms to those who changed their family status to "divorced" at the Ministry of Interior.
  • Those automatically entitled to the grant are kindly asked not to approach NII branches before they had checked whether the grant has been deposited on their bank account until the 11th of August.
  • The claim shall be submitted within 18 months of entitlement date. Those filing the claim beyond this period, will receive payment of the grant only for the 18 months preceding the submission of the claim.