How to submit the claim

A claim may be submitted upon work cessation at the time of pregnancy, but not earlier than 9 weeks before the projected date of birth.

Documents to be submitted

  1. Maternity allowance claim form
  2. Wage information - a salaried employee must ask her employer to complete the part of the form dedicated to employers. If your wage has been modified over a period of 6 months prior to work cessation for medical or any other grounds, you have to enclose an authorization relevant to that ground.

Additional documents to be attached:

  • A woman who gave birth at home or overseas - must attach an official certification of birth.
  • A woman who was undergoing vocational training or vocational rehabilitation for the last two years - must submit an authorization from the Ministry of Health or the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor regarding the location and time of the training or rehabilitation.
  • A woman who has performed a military service in the 22 months preceding childbirth - must attach her certificate of release from IDF.
  • A woman who has performed a national civil service in the 22 months preceding childbirth - must attach an official document from the national civil service administration if she has achieved a 12 months service, at least.

How to send documents

The claim form and documents can be sent by one of the following ways:

Please note, in case you do submit the claim after 12 months have elapsed since work cessation, you may loose your entitlement to maternity allowance.

Who is not required to file a claim? (automatic claim)

If you gave birth in a hospital, and are in one of these situations below, the National Insurance Institute will pay maternity allowance to you automatically, without having to submit a claim:

  • You are self-employed - you will be paid maternity allowance once the hospital sent your birth details to us. Payment will be transferred to the same bank account to which the child allowance is paid, and on a first birth - to the bank account you have indicated at the hospital.
  • Your employer has an agreement with the National Insurance Institute - the employer transfers the claim for maternity allowance, on your behalf, directly to the NII, and you will receive direct payment of maternity allowance.
  • You have received unemployment benefit until a month prior to birth - you will be paid a maternity allowance once the hospital sent your birth details to us. 
  • You have received a pregnancy bed rest benefit until the birth - you will be paid a maternity allowance once the hospital sent your birth details to us.