Rights of children in case of domestic violence

Compensation to a child orphaned due to domestic violence

​The National Insurance Institute pays special compensations to a child whose parent was killed due to an act of domestic violence by the her or his spouse.

Conditions of entitlement to the compensation:

  • The killed parent  was an Israeli resident (or had her center of life in Israel).
  • The parent's life was taken by her or his spouse (even if they are not married).
  • The State Attorney qualified the kill as a murder due to domestic violence.

Detailed information about the rate of compensation and how to submit a claim for the compensation can be found on the site of compensation to a child orphaned due to domestic violence.

Survivors pension

The children of a killed woman are entitled to a survivors pension, in addition to the compensation for a child orphaned due to domestic violence.
Twice orphaned children are entitled to two survivors pensions, one for their mother and one for their father.
To learn more about the survivors pension, click here.

In addition to a survivors pension, the following grants will be paid to the children:

Living expenses

An orphan learning in high school is entitled to living expenses (monthly scholarship subject to income test) for the entire studies period, as of 9th grade and for 4 years.
A claim for living expenses must be filed for each school year, together with an authorization form the school regarding the child studies and income certificates.
To learn more about the living expenses and how to submit a claim, click here.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah grant

An orphan reaching the age of mitzvoth are entitled to a one-time Bar/Bat Mitzvah grant of NIS 6,086 (as of Jan 01, 2022). The grant is paid automatically.

Study grant

Children aged 6-18, twice orphaned, or a child who lost one parent and the other one is in prison, are entitled to a study grant.
The grant is paid once a year in the month of August.
The amount of the grant is NIS 1,046 (as of Jan 01, 2022) for each child.
To learn more about the study grant, click here.

Death grant

If the dead parent was paid a benefit before her or his death, the child will be entitled to a death grant. A claim for the grant must be submitted.
To learn more about the death grant, click here.

To whom is the benefit for children paid?

Since we are dealing with spouse violence cases, the abusing parent is most of the time in prison or committed suicide.
All benefits detailed above and the child allowance are paid to the guardian of the child's possession or to the person who actually covers the child's expenses.
As regard to the survivors pension, if the child is in a out-of-home framework and the Ministry of Welfare covers his expenses - the pension is paid to the Ministry of Welfare, which will save the pension money until the age of 18.