Department of Investigations

The National Insurance of Israel (NII) operates a nationwide investigation network with about 140 investigators.
NII's investigators operate to identify and expose potentially fraudulent acts, in order to avoid the wrong allocation of NII funds.
The investigators locate the insured who are receiving a benefit through fraud by the communication of false information, and take action against employers who evade paying insurance contributions for their workers, in contradiction with the law.

The Department involves a National Unit of Fraud Investigations divided in three groups: North, Central and South. This Unit is designed to conduct complex investigations and affairs, and perform investigations in collaboration with investigation teams from other law enforcement authorities, such as Israeli Police, Tax Authority, etc.


In the array of investigations is used an intelligence system for the identification of cases presenting suspicions of fraud and commission of infractions to the National Insurance Law and other laws whose enforcement is of the Institute's responsibility. The intelligence provides services and information to Department's investigators, and to collection and allowances managers.


For the purpose of their mission, NII's investigators act under investigation powers protected by the National Insurance Law of 5755-1995, pursuant to articles 383, 384, 146, and pursuant to articles 19, 21 of the Income Support Law (consolidated version) of 5741-1980.

Investigators received an authorization from the Ministry National Security, to conduct investigations under articles 2, 3 of the under the Criminal Procedure Ordinance (Testimony).

Investigations findings that indicate suspicions of fraud are transferred for indictment, by means of Israel Police Force and the Prosecutor's Office.

The Department of Investigations carries out and take part in coordinated action of many enforcement entities, with the goal to fight against economic crimes.

The National Insurance Institute believes that the existence of an effective investigations system whose findings lead to filing charges will eventually lead to the decrease and prevention of illegal benefit payment frauds, and insurance contributions frauds.


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