NII Executive Board

The NII Executive Board is the executive and administrative arm of the National Insurance. The members of the Board are, under to the law: the Director General.

Chairman of the Executive Board – Senior Deputy Director General and eight Deputies to the Director General (for Benefits, Research and Planning, Telecommunications and Data Systems, Finances and Control, Insurance and Collection, Human Resources, Budgets and Work Plans, Logistics and Investigations).

  • Yarona Shalom - Acting Director General and Deputy Director for Disabilities and Rehabilitation Array
  • Ouriel Kazum - Deputy Directors General for Subsistence Benefits, Employment and Third Age
  • Yigal Barazani - Deputy Director General for Insurance and Collection
  • Rekad Kheredin - Deputy Director General for Logistics and Investigations
  • Nitsa Kasir (Kaliner) - Deputy Director General for Research and Planning
  • Uziel Barne'a - Head of Budget and Tenders Administration, and acting Deputy Director Human Resources
  • Ofir Ben-Avi - Deputy Director General for I.T.
  • Yaron Israeli - Institute Accountant, Ministry of Finance
  • Adv. Ro'i Keret* - Legal Advisor
  • Michaela Cohen* - Spokesman and Manager of Public Relations and Information Administration
  • Margalit (Titi) Rubin* - Internal auditor
  • Dr Marc Targuin - Medical Manager

* Participants in discussions

The National Insurance has a main office, 24 local branches, and 54 sub-branches and stations dispersed throughout the country.