Greetings from the Director General

Dear citizens,
The National Insurance is the pillar of the Israeli society, caring for its weak layers, without forsaking its obligations of morality, ethic and conscience which find an expression in the full use of means and resources that were put at its disposition in order to help, as far as possible, unlucky people.

At the heart of this activity resides a conception of mutual guarantee through which the National Insurance provides social security to the lower layers of the population where it is most needed, by means of benefits, assistance, advantages and various services.

In that spirit, the National Insurance wishes to continue its operation, with more intensity, and faith in the essence of the mission it has been given and awareness of its significance, since, as a chain made of a multitude of links, a society gets its strength from its weakest part.

The staff of the National Insurance, as well as the members of its direction, are perfectly aware of the weigh of the responsibility placed on their shoulders and, to that regard, act with sensitivity, consideration and endless devotion in order to improve and upgrade the quality and efficiency of the service provided to the public.

Improving our service has been placed at the top of our priorities for 2018. In that context, we work to decrease superfluous interfaces between the insured and framework representatives, reduce the number of visits required to achieve the handling of claims and inquiries from the public, and help in the take-up of rights; this, by increasing transparency, the diffusion of extensive information on communication tools and the internet site, simplifying rights attribution procedures, inter alia, with respect to entitlements to old age, disability and long-term care, debts payment arrangement, and procurement of official authorizations and documents; in a friendly way offering extensive use of online structures.

Furthermore, the National Insurance has developed, for the public, a personal service site providing updated information to each insured, by means of a PIN code and password that can be obtained at branches or by email.

As Director General of the National Insurance, being aware of the importance of the task entrusted to me, I will do, nights and days, together with directors and agents of the National Insurance, whatever is in my power to reduce social discrepancies and decrease poverty indices in the Israeli society, for the sake of its strength, power and stability, now and, mostly, in the future for generations to come.

Best regards,

Meir Spiegler

Director General