Installation of Acrobat Reader

How to Install Acrobat Reader: Downloading, viewing and printing of these forms and brochures require the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader. This software can be downloaded for free off the internet. We recommend using version 5 and up.   If Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed in your computer, you don’t need to re-install it. If it is not installed, do the following:   To download the program, click here.
  • You will receive a dialogue window that will ask you if you want to save or run the file. It is recommended to save it to your computer.
  • A new window will open, asking you where to save the file.
  • Once the file has been saved to your computer (this takes several minutes), go to the folder where you have saved the file and open the file.
  • The installation takes a few moments. You will be asked how you want to install the program. Basically, it is recommended to keep pressing "next" until the installation is finished.
  • Once Adobe Acrobat Reader has been installed, you can return to the previous page on our site and download the form.

    Pressing "download" will open the form in your browser. You'll be able to print it as well.

    Once Adobe Acrobat Reader  is installed in your computer, you will not have to repeat this process for every pdf form you wish to view and\or print.


    Please note: sometimes, when downloading a form, the Adobe Acrobat Reader opens a seemingly blank page.  To solve this problem:


    1. Point the mouse cursor to the link for "downloading" the required form.
    2. Right click the mouse and select "save form to hard disk".
    3. Once the form has been saved to your hard disk, locate it and open it using Adobe Acrobat Reader.