National Insurance in RSS

The National Insurance's website enables you, the surfers of the website, to enjoy the option to receive all of the information that is important to you automatically, directly to your computer. Through RSS technology you can see the title of the information updated in the website, according to your personal preferences, without roaming and looking for new data. 

Where do you find it? 

At the bottom of some of the screens an icon appears, which symbolizes a link to the RSS channel. You can click the icon and watch the content of the channel. Using the RSS Reader program you can enroll for this channel and receive fluent, free updates.    

How does it work?

The RSS Reader program accumulates the RSS files, analyzes which new information was added to the website and feeds the new title and link to the National Insurance's website into your computer.    

First step: downloading RSS Reader
The RSS Reader program must be downloaded to read the content channels you defined, and to transfer them from the sites you chose to your computer. To download the software click here  Also, the latest versions of the browsers IE 7.0 and FireFox 1.5 allow you to get the service in the browser itself without the need for installation.    

Second stage: defining the content channels
You must define in the RSS Reader software which are the content channels you are interested in from the National Insurance's website, by copying the address of the RSS channel from the list of links at the bottom of this page or out of the content page itself (in the places where the icon appears) and pasting in the software.    

Third stage: viewing the information
The software checks at intervals defined by you if updates were made in the sections you have selected. You can watch the new titles at any time and chose whether to surf and read the full information at the National Insurance's website.