The vision of the National Insurance

The National Insurance of Israel (NII) is the leading professional social security organization in Israel.

The NII acts under law to implement the welfare policy of the Israeli government, and is a partner in the formulation of this policy as well.

The idea of mutual responsibility, along with the aims of reducing socio-economic gaps, diminishing poverty and ensuring the long-term sustainability of the social security system, are at the base of the NII's activities.

The National Insurance will take actions to ensure that every insured person can take up his or her rights, in an efficient manner and while showing sensitivity and respect to the dignity of all.

The National Insurance will always strive for excellence, will adapt itself to the changing needs of its clients, and will be in constant touch with the insured and with the community at large.

The National Insurance will attract professional, quality and high-grade employees who shall carry out their tasks with a sense of mission, responsibility and belonging.

The National Insurance will act to develop its human resources and to constantly improve the tools available to it.