Services included in fees

Fees are limited to claims for the following benefits:

General disability, work accidents, special services, mobility, disabled child, compensation to volunteers, rehabilitation, tinea capitis and poliomyelitis.

If several claims are submitted all deriving from the same event, they are deemed one claim, and payment to the representative will be according to the total amount of benefits due pursuant to the "event".  The representative may not charge you for handling each claim separately or for opening a separate file on each claim.

In addition, the law defines services that if provided by the representative, may not be  charged for above the legally determined fee.

Services included in the regular fee

The following are the services for which the representative is forbidden to charge any additional fee aside of the fee determined by law:

  • Assistance in filing claims and anything deriving from or linked thereto
  • Medical/ professional opinions.
    Any opinion given by the representative or professionals associated with him/her are included in the fee and no additional payment should be made to the representative or associated professionals for such opinion.
  • Appearing before NII committees (first degree or appeals committee).
  • Appearing before Ministry of Health committees.
  • Review at the end of the temporary period of disability/unfitness to work.
  • Appeal against Medical Committee decisions by you or the representative.
  • Representation in the labor court.
  • Capitalization of work-related disability pension.
  • Claim for disability allowances due to deterioration of medical condition – will be deemed a new claim and not the continuation of a previous one.
  • Claim for transition from receiving the disabled child allowance to the general disability allowance - will be deemed a new claim and not the continuation of a previous one.

Services not included in the regular fee

Below are the optional services for which the representative is permitted to charge an extra fee in addition to that determined by law:

  • Appealing the decision of an expert committee on tinea capitis.
  • Representation in a labor court to obtain a retroactive benefit for more than 12 months.
  • Representation in a labour court in order to obtain recognition of an injury as a work accident.

Note, you will not be charged an extra fee for representation in cases where the NII has rejected your claim for technical reasons:  missing details, failure to attend the hearing, delay in giving the decision.