Appeal to Labor Court

You are entitled to contact the Labor Court and file an appeal against a decision of the National Insurance Institute.

Should you decide to appeal, you can apply for free legal aid from Legal Aid Bureaus of the Ministry of Justice.

Regional Labor Courts

The appeal to the Labor Court must be filed within 12 months since your reception of the NII's decision.

Please note, an appeal related to maintenance (alimony) must be filed within 6 months since reception of the decision.

Regional courts information center 077-270-3333 or *3852

List of Regional Labor Courts

Jerusalem20 Beit Hadfus Street
Tel Aviv - moved to a new location7 HaRav Nissenbaum Street, Bat Yam
Haifa12 Palyam Street, Heichal Hamishpat
Upper NazarethKiryat Yitzchak Rabin, Heichal Hamishpat
Beer Sheva5 Hatikva Street, Heichal Hamishpat


Those filing an appeal by themselves (without representation), can submit their appeal documentation to any Labor Court in Israel, whether national or regional (Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Beer Sheva, Nazareth or Haifa), and this documentation will then be transferred to the court having authority to deal with their appeal.

National Labor Court

Against the decision of a Regional Labor Court, an appeal can be filed before the National Labor Court in Jerusalem.

Address: 20 Keren HaYessod Street, Jerusalem

Telephone: 077-270-3333