Claims committees for a re-examination of a claims officer's decision

Citizens whose claim for a benefit has been denied by the National Insurance Institute may request that the decision be examined again by a regional claims committee comprised of public officials appointed by the National Insurance Council.

The committees convene once a month in National Insurance Institute branches in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa or Beersheba without the presence of the claimant. Residents of all the country are entitled to ask that they examine their cases.

Please note, the decision of the committee constitutes a recommendation for the further consideration of the claims officer.

The committee is authorized to discuss the decision of a claims officer on the following topics:

You are entitled to address your claim to the claims committe only with respect to decisions made by the claims officer about the following benefits:

Maternity, old age, survivors, general disability, attendance allowance, disabled child, work disability, injury allowance, accident allowance, dependents of a person injured at work, unemployment, children and reserve service.

The committee is not authorized to discuss the following topics:

  • Decisions of a medical board or medical appeals board on the degree of disability, attendance allowance and mobility
  • The decision of a claims officer on earning incapacity
  • The decision of a claims officer on medical matters or matters based on consultations with a physician
  • The decision of a rehabilitation officer
  • Decisions on personal status or residency
  • The decision on claims under the following laws: the Income Support Law, the Alimony – Guarantee of Payment – Law, The Law of Benefits to Hostile Action Casualties, the Law of Benefits to Prisoners of Zion and their Families.

How is the claims committee contacted?

If you would like the decision on your case to be examined by the committee, please fill out the Claims Committee Contact Form (ref/910) and submit it to your local National Insurance Institute branch.

The form may also be sent by mail at: Benefits – Legislation Dept., National Insurance Institute, 13 Weizman Blvd, Jerusalem 91909.

The form must be submitted within six months since the day you received the claims officer's decision on your case.

Please note:

  • You always retain the right to appeal the decision of the claims officer before the labor court, even when you have contacted the claims committee.
  • Appealing to the claims committee does not postpone the legal time-limit for filing an appeal to the labor court, and therefore an appeal to the court must be filed within 12 months from the day you receIved the decision of the claims officer.