Paying tribute to injured IDF soldiers and victims of hostile actions

Each year on Kislev 17, the State of Israel celebrates a day of tribute to injured IDF soldiers and victims of hostile actions, to show its appreciation of their service and sacrifice.

10,156 disabled citizens following hostile actions are in the care of the National Institute, through its Hostile Actions Department and Rehabilitation Department.

We are working for the take-up of rights by hostile action victims and their families throughout the year.

On this tribute day, the National Insurance offers to victims of hostile actions free admission to various sites :

Free admission to public natural sites and parks

The National Insurance will fund admission for hostile action victims holding a disabled card for hostile actions casualties, to all public natural sites and parks during the week end from December 8 to 10. A list of sites is available on the Nature and Parks Authority's website.

Free admission to a movie in cinemas

At the National Insurance's initiative, during tribute day on Tuesday 11.12.22, the movie theaters listed below will allow free movie admission to a person showing a disability card for hostile actions casualties.

  • Lev Cinema Chain
  • Movieland Chain
  • Cinema City Chain
  • Tel Aviv Film Library
  • Herzelyia Film Library
  • Sederot Film Library - closed on Sunday. Free admission allowed in movie theaters to victims of hostile actions on Monday.
  • Jerusalem Film Library

Please note that to take up these benefits, one must show a disability card along with an ID at the entrance of natural sites and parks as well as movie theaters.

Tribute evening

Registration to participate in the tribute evening is now closed.

To who have successfully registered, please note:

  • Approved invitations are personal and non-transferable
  • One must come with an ID and show it at the entrance of the event premises
  • Entrance to event premises with a weapon will not be allowed
  • The event will be translated in sign language (people with sensitivity - earplugs will be available to reduce noise amplitude).

For your information, doors will be closed at the beginning of the event and latecomers will be denied.

Parking arrangements

Multiple parking areas will be available to those attending the tribute evening. Agents will be present on site to help with parking orientation. In these areas parking will be free of charge.

Participants who are required to take a ticket at the entrance of the parking to which they have been directed, will be able to show this ticket at registration stand located at the entrance of the event.

A disabled in wheelchair who needs an accessible parking lot can contact us by telephone until Tuesday 6.12.22 at noon, at 02-6463244 (line exclusively dedicated to that end).