Announcements in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak

Following the state of emergency and in accordance with the Ministry of Health's instructions, please see below a number of announcements to victims of hostile actions concerning: treatments in thermal cures, reunion visits and life certificates.

Thermal cures

The “Flying Carpet” Company’s booking call center resumed its full operation and it is now possible to call and make reservations for treatments according to your eligibility.
The call center number is: 03-5130250
The call center agents in charge for thermal cure inquiries are: Yoel, Nava and Iris.

Bringing bereaved family members from abroad (reunion visits)

Further to our announcement of cancellation of all reunion visits for the months of March, April and May (2020), we are sorry to announce that in June 2020, too, bringing bereaved family members from abroad for a visit in Israel will not be possible.

Life certificates

We have extended the life certificate submission deadline to September 30, 2020.
We will continue to pay the allowance to those required to submit life certificates to us by the month of September (otherwise, for those who were not able to do so, their allowance will be discontinued).

For all National Insurance guidelines concerning the coronavirus, click here.

In hope of peaceful and healthy days,
Hostile Actions Casualties Division.