Announcements in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak

Following the state of emergency and in accordance with the Ministry of Health's instructions, please see below a number of announcements to victims of hostile actions concerning: treatments in thermal cures, reunion visits and life certificates.

Thermal cures

Eligibility for thermal cures in 2020 has been extended until the end of August 2021. Eligibility for 2021 has not started yet. Reservations can be booked on the Flying Carpet call center at 050-6391688. The call center operates from Sunday through Thursday, between 9:00 and 16:00.

Bringing bereaved family members from abroad (reunion visits)

In similar fashion to the criteria approved by the Ministry of Defense regarding reunion visits, bereaved family members in possession of a vaccination or recovery certificate will be able to come for reunion visits in accordance with Health Ministry' s guidelines.

Reunion visits support will given, in this period, under a extraordinary format:
  • Family members wishing to come for reunion visits need to contact the Consulates near their place of residence. The Consulates will then approach the Hostile Actions Casualties Division of the National Insurance Institute to seek approval.
  • Once the approval granted, bereaved family will need to purchase flight tickets and accommodation in hostels on their own.
  • Reimbursement will be given to family members in accordance withe the rates determined by the Ministry of defense (this information is available by Israeli representations).

For your information,
We have no authority to deal with issuing or obtaining entrance certificates in the country following the covid crisis, or with applications for exemption or reduction of quarantines.
Family members need to inquire with the Ministry of Health and authorities regarding the conditions of admission and stay upon their arrival in the country. Furthermore, the National Insurance Institute will not cover any payment related to quarantine days, hospitalization or any other costs as result of guidelines of the Ministry of Health upon the family's arrival in the country.

Life certificates

During the month March, we will send 2021 life certificate forms to eligible people living abroad. You have to follow instructions, as every year, and contact the Israeli mission nearest to your place of residence for purpose of certifying your signature on the form.
For all National Insurance guidelines concerning the coronavirus, click here.

In hope of peaceful and healthy days,
Hostile Actions Casualties Division.