Exceptional burial plots

Family members who wish to bury their deceased in a plot defined by the National Insurance Institute as an "exceptional plot" must pay for this plot themselves.

As "exceptional plots" are defined burial plots allotted especially to the Hevrat Kadisha (burial society) under an agreement between it and the National Insurance Institute, and for which they are entitled to collect a payment from citizens. A map in which these exceptional plots are indicated is attached to the agreement.

The number of plots defined as exceptional plots may not exceed 10% of the available burial plots on the day of the signing of the agreement.

Under the law applying to the Jewish religious services, the Hevrat Kadisha is obligated to show the public a map of burial plots, signed by a representative of the National Insurance Institute, in which the areas defined as exceptional plots – for which the Hevrat Kadisha is entitled to collect payment – are indicated.