A person who died abroad and is brought to Israel for burial

The family of a Israeli resident who passed away abroad, which is interested in bringing back the deceased to be buried in the country, has to contact the NII branch of the deceased's place of residence, precisely the Department of Insurance and Collection, and obtain the residency certificate of the deceased.
This NII certificate must be transferred to the Hevra Kadisha (burial society) in Israel.

The family may give financial guarantees to the Hevra Kadisha over a 30 days period, in order to enable the return of the deceased for burial in Israel, and this until the production of a residency certificate from the NII.

The Heva Kadisha is authorized to charge payment for the release of the deceased from customs (fees of the Ministry of Health), for the handling of burial permit production or of the Hevra Kadisha team related to releasing the deceased from customs.