Partial grant for a person performing “preferred work”

A person who worked for less than six full months in vital work, and therefore is not entitled to a grant, may be entitled to a partial grant under certain circumstances if he worked at a job defined as preferred job.

In order to be entitled to a partial grant, you must meet two conditions:

  • Work at a job recognized as vital work, which was found to be unsuitable for you from the standpoint of profession or distance, for at least 25 consecutive workdays within the first 21 days after the date of your discharge, or 3 consecutive months between the 22nd and the 24th month from the date of your discharge from compulsory service.
  • Be entitled to unemployment benefit (required only of those who began working at preferred job after a year has elapsed since discharge from army).

The partial benefit is calculated in proportion to the number of days worked at the preferred work.