Benefit rate for those receiving the benefit since December 2002 wihtout interruption

Individuals who received the benefit December 2002, and whose entitlement to income support has not been interrupted for 6 consecutive months or more, will receive a benefit of the amounts detailed below:

Composition of family

Benefit rate

Maximum allowed income regarding entitlement to a full or partial benefit


NIS 2,136

NIS 3,758


NIS 2,848

NIS 5,050

Couple + 1 child

NIS 3,180

NIS 5,542

Couple + 2 or more children

NIS 3,702

NIS 6,754

Single parent + 1 child

NIS 3,180

NIS 7,987

Single parent + 2 or more children

NIS 3,702

NIS 8,857

For benefit rates applying to those who did not receive the benefit consecutively since 2002 - click here.

Deductions from benefit amount

The following amounts are deducted from income support benefit:

  • Health insurance contributions - if you are not working, health insurance contributions will be deducted from the benefit at the minimum rate of NIS 112 .
  • When the recipient's spouse is hospitalized and his maintenance expenses are covered by the State Treasury, the Jewish Agency or the local authority - an amount of NIS 712 is deducted from the benefit.
  • Those whose spouse is not an Israeli resident - an amount of NIS 712 is deducted from the benefit.

Benefit rate as of Jan 01, 2023.