Eligibility of those owning a vehicle

​A vehicle owner  (including a motorbike) as well as those using regularly a car that does not belong to them, may be entitled to a benefit only if the car value is below NIS 44,611 (as of Jan 01, 2023), and according to the other conditions of entitlement.

Those who reached retirement age, receive a survivors pension or a dependents benefit with income support supplement, may be entitled to a benefit if the vehicle is worth less than NIS 63,180 (as of Jan 01, 2023).

If you own a vehicle worth more than above amounts, you may be eligible for a benefit in the following cases:

  • You are a authorized driver in a car belonging to a recipient of a mobility allowance.
  • You, your spouse or your child suffer from impairment in the legs and have been recognized by a physician of the National Insurance Institute.
  • You receive a disabled child benefit for your child.
  • You or your spouse have is sick, and the sick's car license has been deposited at the License Bureau.
  • You drive in your car a sick family member for medical treatments purposes frequently, related authorization is granted based a medical from a NII's physician.

Ownership of two cars in the family

A family having two cars and one of them is used to drive a disabled child or a mobility benefit recipient - the car designed to drive a disabled person does not negate entitlement to the benefit and will not be counted as an income. The second car, which is not designed to drive a disabled person, will be taken into account as an income and examined based on its value as described in this link.

A vehicle will not negate benefit eligibility for a period of up to 3 months:

  • You are the parent of a child receiving a disabled child allowance or a mobility benefit, you have bought a new car or use another car - you will continue to be entitled to the benefit for 3 months, to give you the time require to sell your old car.
  • You are the parent of a child who stopped receiving a disabled child allowance - you will continue to be entitled to income support benefit for 3 months from the end of you eligibility to disabled child allowance.
  • A widow or widower, who do not hold a driver license, and the deceased spouse was the owner of the car - you will be eligible for the benefit for 3 months since the month of death.
  • You have purchased an additional car and sold your car in a time frame of up to 3 months.