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Income Support - Rights of income support benefit recipients in various institutions

  • The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor
  • The Ministry of Construction and Housing
  • Local authorities
  • Ministry of Transport
  • The Israel Broadcasting Authority
  • Bezek
  • The Israel Electric Corporation

The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor

Single parents who receive income support from the National Insurance Institute who would like to find work are entitled to various benefits from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, in the framework of an experimental project.

Information on the program to encourage the employment of single parents may be found on the Ministry's site.

The Ministry of Construction and Housing

Recipients of an income support benefit may be entitled to assistance with renting an apartment (public or private) or with purchasing a permanent apartment from one of the public companies (Halamish, Amidar, Amigur, Prazot, Shikmona and Heled). The application for assistance should be submitted to one of the mortgage banks along with certification of entitlement to the income support benefit.

Local authorities

According to the bylaws of the local authority, someone who received an income support benefit in December 2002 and whose entitlement to the benefit did not cease for six months or more, is entitled to receive a discount on municipal tax. A person who is entitled to the benefit as of January 2003 is entitled to a discount according to the means tests that are implemented under the regulations in the local authorities. The recipient of the benefit must fill out an application form each year for the discount, and submit certification of his entitlement to the benefit to the local authority.

Ministry of Transport 

Recipients of an income support benefit (women up to age 60 and men up to age 65) who were entitled to the benefit in July 2003 – and who have been thus entitled consecutively for at least 6 months – may be entitled to a 33% discount on bus fares when purchasing multiple tickets (kartisiyot), by means of an entitlement certificate. There is no discount on certain bus lines.

All women over 60 and men over 65 are entitled to a 50% discount on all kinds of multiple tickets, upon showing an identity card or a senior citizen card; they do not need an entitlement certificate.

 The entitlement certificate is issued automatically every two years. There is no need to contact the Ministry of Transport. A person who did not receive the entitlement certificate may write to: Department of Public Transportation, 8 Ha-Melakha St., POB 57109, Tel Aviv 61570.

In case of loss of entitlement certificate, call 1-222-56-78 or *5678, from Sundays through Thursdays between 7.00 and 20.00, or Fridays between 7.00 and 12.00.  

The Israel Broadcasting Authority

Recipients of an income support benefit are entitled to a 100% exemption from payment of the fee, if they meet the following conditions:

1.   They are receiving an income support benefit on the date of the application for the discount.
2.   They were entitled to an income support benefit in December 2002.
3.   As of May 2004, there was no cessation of their entitlement to the income support benefit for a period of six consecutive months or more.

The discount is given automatically according to lists that are submitted by the National Insurance Institute.


Recipients of income support benefit are entitled to a discount in their telephone bill. The name of the insured person and the name of the account holder must be identical; otherwise, no discount will be granted. No discount will be granted to those connected to other companies, such as "Hot", "012", "Netvision", etc.

The discount is granted automatically in accordance with the lists transferred to Bezek by the NII.

Israel Electric Corporation

As of May 1, 2012, recipients of income support benefit or income supplement with 4 or more children, as well as  single-parent families with 3 or more children, are entitled to a discount in their electricity bill.

The National Insurance Institute is preparing to send  a list of those entitled to the Israel Electric Corporation. An announcement on the transfer of this list will be sent to those entitled. The discount will be granted for a retroactive period.

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