Personal import vehicle

A person with limited mobility requesting to purchase a car in a foreign country (private care or special vehicle), and import it to Israel privately, may purchase the car of his choice, as long as this car meets the standards of the Ministry of Transportation (this issue shall be clarified directly with the Ministry of Transportation - not with the NII which has nothing to do with this matter).

It is important to note that mobility benefits provided to car owners, with respect to a car purchase, are determined based on the price of either the determining vehicle or the car actually purchased, whichever is lower.

Standing loan to purchase a personal import vehicle

The standing loan is granted in accordance with the size of the purchased car or determining vehicle, whichever is lower.

Upon its arrival to Israel, the car is released from customs just as any other car, and the person with limited mobility will receive tax deductions applying to the car in accordance with his entitlement.

The information is transferred directly from the Customs Authority to the National Insurance Institute.

Loan from the Loans Fund to purchase a personal import vehicle

Those who are entitled to a loan from the Loans Fund, which is added to the standing loan in order to cover the car's custom taxes, should submit the following documents to the National Insurance Institute for purposes of calculating their entitlement:

  • A document from the agent who handled the car purchase, including information on the car's model and purchase costs.
  • Original invoices and receipts supporting the purchase data.

Loan to purchase and install accessories for a special vehicle

When the installation of accessories is partly performed abroad:

In order to make sure that the required installations are authorized in Israel, and in order to prevent a situation whereby inappropriate accessories are installed in the vehicle, it is suggested to inquire this matter with the Israel Standards Institution or the Israel Institute of Metals of the Technion, after receiving authorization to import the vehicle from the Ministry of Transportation and before performing installations abroad.

Before the vehicle's release from customs,a first installment of 45% will be paid, provided that the National Insurance Institute receives the vehicle as a collateral as well as the following documents from the person with limited mobility:

  • The form of carrying out the order for purchase and installment of the accessories in the vehicle, signed by the person with limited mobility and by the company supplying the accessories.
  • A certificate from the company installing the accessories abroad, confirming that the vehicle has been handed over for the performance of required modifications therein, mentioning the name of the person with limited mobility.
  • A transaction invoice (proforma) from the company installing the accessories amounting to 45% of the cost of the accessories not including VAT, according to the company's price offer. This invoice must indicate date, details about the person with limited mobility and whether installed accessories were new.
  • A document listing accessories installed abroad and their installation costs.
  • An original receipt as proof that the installing company have received payment in Israel of 5% of the cost of the accessories based on price offer made by the installing company.