Worsening of medical condition

​If you are under the impression that your medical condition has worsened since your previous visit at the Health Bureau, you can be re-examined by a Medical Committee.

If 12 months have passed since your last examination by the Health Bureau's Medical Committee or Appeal Committee, you must submit a request by yourself by sending an application form for a medical examination to determine mobility disability, with most recent medical documents in attachement, to your local Health Bureau.

If 12 months have not yet passed since your last examination by the Health Bureau's Medical Committee or Appeal Committee, the examination is prescribed by the National Insurance.You must contact the NII branch in charge of your file and attach to your application the most recent medical documents. A doctor of the Institute will verify if there is indeed a worsening in your situtation, and if a worsening is established, your application will be transferred to the Health Bureau.

Please note,

As regard to a re-examination application, the Medical Committe has the power to determine lower percentages of disability than those applying to you in the past, as well as to change a previous decision made with respect to the use and the need of a wheelchair.