Deductions from the pension payments

Health insurance contributions

From your old-age pension (are hereby concerned a man, a divorced or single woman, and a divorced woman who does not receive a benefit to dependents on a work-injured person nor a survivors' pension) are deducted health insurance contributions amounting to NIS 200 (as of Jan 01, 2020) per month for an individual and NIS 288 (as of Jan 01, 2020) per month for a couple. In case you are also entitled to an income supplement, this benefit will be subject to the health insurance deduction amounting to NIS 104 (as of Jan 01, 2019) per month (for both an individual and a couple).

Please note:

  • A person who works as a salaried employee and whose employer deducts health insurance contributions from his or her salary must notify the employer to stop that deduction.
  • If a person receives an increment to his or her old-age pension for a spouse, health insurance contributions for a couple will be deducted from their pension, even if the spouse is working as a salaried employee.
  • If a person does not receive an increment to his or her old age pension for a spouse because he or she is receiving a pension from the National Insurance Institute, health insurance contributions for a couple will be deducted from the pension.
  • Health insurance contributions are not deducted from a married woman's old age pension.

Debts to the National Insurance Institute

The National Insurance Institute is entitled to deduct from one's old-age pension any debts for insurance contributions: advance payments received on the pension or for other benefits, payments made by mistake or illegally, and alimony or child support due under a court ruling (the National Insurance Institute is entitled to transfer or seize one's old-age pension to pay alimony or child support).

A self-employed insured person and an insured person who is neither a salaried employee nor self-employed who are required to make insurance contributions to the National Insurance Institute, will not receive an old-age pension or will receive a reduced old-age pension (according to the size of debt and arrears) until the debt is settled with the collection department.

A recipient of an old-age pension is obligated to notify the National Insurance Institute of any change that might affect the payment of their pension (such as changes related to his address, family status, income or his spouse’s income). This notification must be submitted in writing within 30 days since the change occurred.